Consequences of death of the spouse

Consequences of death of the spouse

At the time of marriage, everything is rosy, so the lawyers in Spain is very rare that their services are contracted, unless they want to sign a prenuptial agreement. But as love is skin deep, nothing happens, they sign and goes for the wedding and reception.

Then reality is that when they decide to divorce, they choose the best team of lawyers in Spain, the family law solicitors in Spain that are most renowned, to leave as soon as possible the situation that is living.

And you can imagine the number of cases there is, that by staying widowers have signed prenuptial agreements at the time, the family of the deceased, have the best family law solicitors in Spain, to fight up what they do not corresponds and in most cases lawyers in Spain, do everything possible to win your case, not only for the prestige especially for the percentage they charge them.

For those who have no idea of the subject, the fees of a lawyer in matters of inheritance, is a percentage of what they are getting the heirs, but of course, for them it is a salary, which should not declare anything to the Treasury and as to the heir they must pay an inheritance tax.

For this reason we always recommend in our post that they should have a group of family law solicitors in Spain, especially for foreigners who marry someone of Spanish nationality and to know their rights, duties under the rules of the country of your spouse. For the time that is necessary, they are ready to respond to any eventuality.

Likewise, it is advisable to advise on everything that has to do with marriage since no person will ever know that could happen in the future, although of course is always thought the best in both cases, ie in both members of marital union; as it is already known, it is better to be safe than sorry, and thus avoid terrible and cumbersome procedures that can lead to divorce, a widow or even in the legal proceedings of an inheritance.